Kampa Classic Carnival


Kampa Carnival: Pearl Grey or Ivory Charcoal

The Carnival is an exceptional awning offering truly remarkable value.

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  • The canvas is made from strong, durable 300D Oxford polyester that is lighter weight than old fashioned awning materials, making it easier to handle and set up.
  • The roof is made from a single piece of material, with no seams, to maximise weatherproofing and has an attractive dappled printed interior surface.
  • A strong washable base panel will keep your awning looking smart and the attractive colour scheme will complement any caravan.

Kampa-Carnivalawning Kampa-Carnivalawning3Kampa-Carnivalawning4

  • A strong galvanised steel frame with Easy Lock adjusting clamps comes as standard with a lightweight, but strong, aluminium frame available as an option.
  • There is no permanent attachment to the caravan; the roof rafters are supported by easy to use bracket pads that attach to beading on the awning and simply rest against the caravan. These bracket pads are supplied as standard.
  • The Carnival is a five piece awning, each of the side panels and both the front panels can be zipped out, again aiding set up. A tall annexe is available that can be zipped into either side of the awning and then the side panel can be zipped back into place to hide the contents of the annexe – another thoughtful feature.
  • The Carnival is very generously sized with a full 250 cm depth, more than enough for the largest family.
  • The Carnival has large panoramic windows and the windows in the side panels also feature full size mosquito mesh panels for excellent ventilation. Obtaining a good fit on your caravan is made easier by the large gusset triangles, built into the rear of the awning, that allow the awning to maintain the correct profile instead of that of the caravan.

Key Features:

  • One piece roof - ensures maximum weatherproofing.
  • Attractive light interior print on roof - a dark print makes the awning dark and claustrophobic, espcially on a rainy day.
  • Strong durable wall material in either poyester or acrylic.
  • Crystal clear windows - for a great view out.
  • Curtains on easy running track.
  • Adjustable pegging bands - makes your awning look great, even on uneven ground. Unlike some awnings our pegging bands can remain attached to the awning when taken down, saving time and frustration next time you setup your awning.
  • Washable base panel - because it's going to get splashed!
  • Ventilation panels - for warm days.
  • Zip-out panels - make it lighter to setup and can provide extra ventilation or a vernada effect.
  • Adjustable gusset panels - to ensure a good fit whatever the shape of your caravan.
  • Available in steel and aluminium frames with Easy Lock and adjusting clamps - one handed operation makes it easy to setup.
  • Kampa Bracket Pads - no need for a permanent attachement to the caravan.  Supplied as standard.
  • Strong Kampa zips with covers to keep out wind and rain.
  • Reinforced stress and pegging points - because they're built to last.
  • Interior mud flaps - because they're betting inside.
  • Supplied with a full length draught skirt and wheel arch cover as standard.
  • Storm strap fixing points - ready to take the optional storm straps.
Model size Fits caravans with an
"A" measurement of:
Approx Weight
Steel frame
Approx Weight
Alluminium frame
800cm 788 to 812cm 30.7Kg 29.6Kg
825cm 812 to 838cm 31.1Kg 30.0Kg
850cm 838 to 863cm 36.0Kg 32.3Kg
875cm 863 to 888cm 36.4Kg 32.7Kg
900cm 888 to 913cm 37.1Kg 33.4Kg
925cm 913 to 938cm 37.5Kg 33.8Kg
950cm 938 to 963cm 38.5Kg 34.8Kg
975cm 963 to 988cm 39.0Kg 35.3Kg
1000cm 988 to 1013cm 44.0Kg 38.3Kg
1025cm 1013 to 1038cm 44.5Kg 38.8Kg
1050cm 1038 to 1063cm 44.9Kg 39.2Kg
1075cm 1068 to 1088cm 45.4Kg 39.7Kg
1100cm 1088 to 1113cm 46.6Kg 40.7Kg
1125cm 1113 to 1138cm 47.1Kg 41.1Kg


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