How to Choose a Secure Storage Site

checklistAll you need to do is run down the list ensure everything is ticked.

  • Is the location of the site close enough to home or where you will use your caravan ?
  • Do they have any security if so what type of security
  • Is there CCTV in operation on the storage facility and on the perimeter ?
  • How long does the CCTV remain in operation (is it 24 hours)?
  • Will you have an allocated space ?
  • Will you be required to sign a contract (a contract will give you terms of use, a period of storage and rules governing the hiring of your space)
  • What are the opening hours, are the convenient ?
  • How are the staff, are they helpful, you may have a problem and need their help, are they approachable ?
  • Would it be useful to have workshop facilities on site, if so where is the nearest workshop ?
  • If you needed to buy spares is that facility available or if not where is the nearest spares retailer ?
  • Is the site accredited to any organisations, this often results in a discount on the insurance costs
  • Pitch quality may vary, would you prefer grass or tarmac ?

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